Our company, Global Travel Consulting (GTC), sparked from a conversation between three friends. Dr. Akif Aydin has organized and led numerous educational, intercultural, and interfaith tours over the last 10 years. Mustafa Bahar has organized and participated in international tours as a group leader for more than half a decade.  Dr. Zulfikar Berk has spent and continues to spend much of his career working on educational projects for teachers striving to increase cross-cultural awareness. As part of these projects, he led overseas educational tours with teachers, students and their parents. His international trip experiences encouraged him to complete his dissertation on overseas experiential learning. During his dissertation process, he discovered the positive impact educational adventuring has on teachers, students, and parents. Experiential learning is a great way to increase participants’ knowledge of people, places and cultures. It empowers participants with personal and professional leadership skills and encourages them to become conscientious contributors to their communities.

Over the years, we have voluntarily organized and led tours for a US based non-profit organization dedicated to cultivating intercultural awareness. The partners strive to go the extra mile in making the guests’ journeys once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Global education has enriched our own personal and professional experiences encouraging us toward a life-long pursuit of continually deepening intercultural development. Through GTC, we now offer international tours for teachers, students and lifelong-learners by organizing carefully designed, affordable, exciting, educational tours packages.

GTC’s logo colors are inspired by the colors of sun, sea and earth. Our logo not only represents the unique colors of our world, but also the diverse places, people, and cultures of the world. Likewise, our educational tours offer various views and insights into those places, people and cultures. It is our goal to provide excellent and enjoyable experiential learning and relaxation to our clients on their educational journeys.